This ancient roman city, built at the foot of the volcano Vesuvius was buried by ash and volcanic debris during the 79.a.d. eruption. Today, it the most important archeological center in the world.

It is possible to see the topography and the way of life of a typical roman city. The first excavations date back to the mid 1700s and still continue today. They have brought to light three fifths of the original city. Pompeii was an important commercial center of the Campania Felix region and had a strategic role in traffic between Rome and the Mediterranean.

The main activity in the city took place around the forum, and we still see the Basilica and the Macellum. Walking through the many streets, you can visit the shops along the Via dell’Abondanza, the spectacular thermal baths, the majestic amphitheater and the sumptuous villas of the House of the Fawn and The Vetti House.