Situated at the end of the Tramonti valley, Maiori boasts a long beach and a very modern promenade. Ruins of castles and towers bear witness to the splendor of medieval times, when it would have been encircled by defensive walls and forts. It was the seat of the admiralty during the times of the marine republic.

Today, Maiori has a strikingly modern aspect compared to other towns along the coast, due to massive reconstruction after a devastating flood in the 1950s. Maiori has two sea caves: Sulfurea Grotto, with a natural spring of sulphur water, which has curative properties, and Pandora’s Grotto.

Inside this grotto the reflections of the water take on emerald green tones. The remains of the Benedictine Monastery of Santa Maria de Olearia, dating back to the 11th century is of particular interest for its chapel and frescoed archways.