Positano is on one the most beautiful stretches of the Amalfi Coast. It is a picturesque village, little square houses with domed roofs, fixed on to the terraces on the slopes of two mountains leading down to the sea.

The centre, going down towards the sea, is always packed with tourists encamped around the majolica dome of Santa Maria Assunta , a church of rare beauty, which houses works of art from the 13th and 17th centuries. The narrow streets lead steeply down between pastel colored houses.

Positano has a fashionable soul, linked to the famous ‘Positano style’ ,and is an attraction for the numerous tourists that crowd the streets and boutiques all year round, illustrious people from the world of art and culture have made Positano a favorite destination and a place of inspiration.

The Galli Islands, a small archipelago of 3 small islets is situated just a few miles off shore, these islands, known as the Sirenuse (The Sirens of the Sea) are said to be the home of the mythological sirens who attempted to take Ulysses off course on his journey back to Ithaca.